• Tomatopasta

    level 1

    January 4, 2017 by Tomatopasta

    (( A bit of context: I have decided to restart Kung Fu Pets so I can keep track of the pets I've summoned - my previous account is very disorganised and I accidentally traded a lot of my rare pets at the Pond of Souls. Plus I want to buy some of the pets in the exclusive offers - like the Starter Pack's Mini-me Dragon or the Champion Pack's Karate Dog. ))

    So, level one. Not much happens. It is in tutorial-mode.

    1. Built a forest habitat

    2. Summoned a forest lizard

    3. Built an earth habitat

    4. Summoned an earth buffulo

    It is odd going back to level one, rereading the story of Xiaolin (most of which I'd forgotten), reintroducing Chef Si Mong and Ling Ling, having limited resources to use. I expect I will finish the the next few levels quite quickl…

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  • Mod Pansear

     Making a headcanon is fun! Especially making based off characters in your own way. I don't think I see a blog post about this so I'm making one! ;P So anyways, here's my headcanon so far depending on my village, summons, and level. (Sorry if it's a big wall of text)

    My Kung Fu Pets headcanon

    There was once in a place called another universe beyond the Universe Dragon...There were Kung Fu Pets slightly different from the normal universes, behaviors and traits aren't beyond the obvious apart from their looks. Of course, there are other pets in different villages the same kind as theirs, but they're different. The great warriors of this uncommon village are known to be the honored clan: Jsic the Wild Wolf, Cafiana the Cranberry Ra…

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  • Simon1842


    • Hi all, yesterday i got a question: Which pet is the most strong/powerful for you and why? It sounds like easy question, but when you think about it you fund out that this isn´t too easy question choose inly one.....  Beacouse in the game are many strong pets (Stadush Moth, Cupid Cat, Universe Dragon...) I think that the most powerful is' Greedy Dragon beacouse he is strong against six elements and what do you think about it?


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  • QueenyG

    Happy Easter!!

    April 7, 2015 by QueenyG

    For me is early, for others is too late, but I won't be able to say it at the right time soo....I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!!

    About the game: I deleted some inactive friends and now I'm searching for new ones! My Hive ID: QueenyGa

    but first leave me here a message and I will add you.(I have lv. 25 and I finished all pets-except those from cafe -.-")

    Bye-bye all ^^

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  • Chilly Bean BAM!


    March 4, 2015 by Chilly Bean BAM!

    Yes. The Flower Frillzard is my favorite pet, what's yours?

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  • LuvCupcakes10

    summoning event

    February 27, 2015 by LuvCupcakes10

    The summoning event is here how can I do it

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Level 26...and....DONE

    February 25, 2015 by KaoNinjaratzu

    No image this time, cause sad to say, I'm practically finished with the game. All Quests complete, all Arenas complete, Every non-cafe pet acquired, the only thing that remains are some of the more grindy badges like Reach level 30, get 500 million Gold, and get Presents from friend's villages.

    Well, it was a fun 4 months for sure! I'll still be around for weekly islands and such, but sad to say, until KFP has another HUGE update, there's literally nothing else I can do with this game. Never thought I'd beat a breeding game but hehe, so be it! XD

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  • TMoreiras

    Hello all.

    I created this post to talk about some things that i think that could be changed.

    • 1st

    Its about the Dark Habitat, probably as everyone knows the pet limit placed in this habitat its 1, but in Kung fu petsare currently three Dark pets. So, why not create an evolution for this habitat? Yes just Dark Sabretooth has the unique Dark element, but if the limit its incrised to three would be easier to put the pets in their habitats because the Witch Elephant and the Knife Hamster could come into this habitat.

    • 2nd

                                           The Booster make the player have a 20% increase in the gold efficiency of their habitats, but its just good to "short-term" because if your are away for a few hours (sleep for example) will on…

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Level 25! I'm RICH!

    February 14, 2015 by KaoNinjaratzu

    Well, I reached level 25 awhile ago, but I FINALLY got the billionair achievement:

    WOOO! Finally, now I can go back to buying food and upgrades.

    There are several boosters added this level as well.

    Aside from that, nothing special to report. I was mostly waiting for that to share.

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Okay so I reached level 24 and all you get is another habitat and another Gym. Apparently no boosters this time, must be like Level 16 where you didn't get anything new either except for Karate Dog.

    My habitats are too big to see all of them at once, off to the side are 2 Dark Sabertooth habitats (though one of them is training cause I have to farm that for one of the missions). I have quite a few Level 20 pets now and I'm only missing Thunder Toad, Universe Dragon, and the Cafe pets for my collection (grumble...the Cafe...grumble...).

    I can now cycle 3 Dragon tears at a time and occasionally have 4 going at once. So my cash influx is getting higher. I make 700,000 per arena victory now, but still 4 gems. I've pretty much stopped buying Lemo…

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  • Nuakjshal

    v1.1.0 Update Notice

    January 24, 2015 by Nuakjshal

    Greetings from Com2uS!

    Kung Fu Pets has been updated to v1.1.0!

    Please read below for more details on the new features!

    ■ New Mission Island (Lv. 12+)

    Enter the Mission Island every week to test your luck!

    Get a special reward from the Lucky Orb and complete the weekly missions to

    get the exclusive Kung Fu Pet only available from the Mission Island and the Secret Box!

    ■ Kung Fu Arena Opponent Change

    You can now change the list of opponents in the Kung Fu Arena!

    (This function is available starting with League 5.)

    You can also check the opponent's info such as level and attribute.

    ■ Retry Summoning

    Didn't get the Kung Fu Pet you were hoping for?

    You can now resummon with the Kung Fu Pets you used before

    New Skill for Universe Dragon

    Lv. 15+ Universe Drago…

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  • Daka1689

    Guys i just complited all task for him expect last one where i have to fight with one of my pets with 3 of them,so i would like to help me.

    I choose my Flower Frillzard

    First with who i fight is Magma Bear and i choose attack Leaf Storm where i beat him with critical Attack,now is a problem Dark Sabretooth,i try with Leaf Strom and i didn't defeat him with critical punh,and when Aurora Peacock comes,i don't have enough energy to defeat her,so can you tell me which of Flower Frillzard move is better against Dark Sabretooth and for Aurora Peacock i know that fire is the best,expecially when "Ice" is her major element.

    Give me the answers or sugestion,please,cuz i have only day and half to get this pet:)

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  • Asd112310

    Firstly, his description.

    "Boatman Salmon has the quickest reflexes and the best fishing skills in Xiaolin. You always have to be careful, since you never know when Boatman Salmon might come for you!"

    That last line presented the image of a serial killer the moment I saw it. Or some horror movie monster.

    Why would Boatman Salmon come for us, and what does it have to do with his fishing skills? Sure, the reflexes thing makes it easier for him to get what he wants, but i wonder why salmon would want to come for US, as the description warns. Are we secretly fish?

    I mean, I am most certainly a fish, a fish with lovely full eyes, but I'm pretty sure everyone else gets the same description.

    He has some peculiar dialog too when interacted. Well, pecul…

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    I've now reached level 23, which is the point where you can get 3 of the same type of booster (Forest and Lightning specifically) and another Dark booster (which will now be useful thanks to Knife Hamster. Sadly, it won't be helpful for Witch Elephant unless you buy another Dark habitat because Forest habitats are abysmal.)

    This shows my set up. I had to rearrange a few pets to maximize the ones who were hit with good boosters and therefore maximize income. I do need to get Mini-me and Karate Dog to level 20 so they can start making a KILLING, but my Lv 20 Flower Frillzard makes 284 G per minute, and I get about 12-14 gold per second on the Fire habitat that has 3 Flower Frillzards on it (the other two are level 8 and 10, trying to max out …

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  • Amynaga

    Me Pets, My Combi ! 2.0v

    January 15, 2015 by Amynaga

    This is the second version of my Collection of pets. It was kinda hard get all pictures updated as long as they get 20 pets a mounth (lol). Because new pets in new places, made me take new screenshots of all of them again so i try to catalog my pets in a diferent way.

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  • ThermX

    On uploading screenshots

    January 13, 2015 by ThermX

    As it appears I am one of the main image-editing people on here, I'd like to say something about screenshots.

    When uploading, after you choose a picture to upload, you can change two things: the destination file name(what it will be named online) and the description.

    The description is nice, especially if you want people to be able to search for it. At least put a few words describing what is in the pic.

    As for the name, especially if it's titled "Screenshot-a1f0-ila4hl-l83ch," CHANGE THE NAME!!! *breaths*

    When I look to find the image you asked me to edit, I have to go to a "special" page (Special:Upload log), click on every "screenshot-o1nc3fzh0g" that you've uploaded, download it, and spend some of my online time editing it for the wiki. (S…

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  • QueenyG


    January 13, 2015 by QueenyG

    Hello all!!

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  • Amynaga

    My Pets, My Combi !

    January 9, 2015 by Amynaga

    Well.. I really like the comunity that we are gathering here and i want to do something usefull for the new players. It might not be the most usefull but i hope it help in some way. I will post here screenshots of my "Collection" of pets so everyone can see what combi of pets give me the specific pet. I must refer that there is no "perfect combi" for a specific pet, these are just the ones that got right for me. I will update the pictures has i get new pets. Btw, sorry for my bad english...

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Yeah, I've reached level 22, but at this point, it's just a waiting game. Getting the last few pets I need:

    Surfer Penguin, Thunderball Puffer, Matador Flamingo, Whirlwind Hawk, and Universe Dragon. I'm getting there, but these pets won't be quick due to the long times I must wait if I miss. 

    I normally have a screen shot of my habitats, but they still look the same. I decided to start decorating my village a little, starting with the altars to make my town look a bit nicer. Yes I spent some gems on the Dark flag (and will eventually buy a Universe flag as well), but the last thing I need to save gems for is the most expensive thing you can buy with gems so far, the final Nursery spot (300 gems). at roughly 8 to 11 gems a day, I should reach…

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  • Ziharkk

    Cafe of Secrets tips?

    December 30, 2014 by Ziharkk

    I would love to get the pets from the Cafe of Secrets, but I hate asking/spamming facebook friends for help. I've read through the Cafe of Secrets thread to see how other players are doing it, but I don't understand a lot of it. 

    Does anyone have any tips for making the multiple accounts to get those pets? I don't have/know how to use Bluestack, so that option is out.

    Thanks! :)

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Level 21! 2x the fun!

    December 30, 2014 by KaoNinjaratzu

    Unintentional rhyme is unintentional, but despite that, I'm finally level 21! (It's easy to reach that though given half the XP bar is filled by buying Expansion 6 and the rest is mostly filled by clearing the debris nearby).

    My town isn't much different barring me building another Fire habitat for the new pets, but I did just buy another fire booster and Air booster. This will actually give Mini-me dragon and Karate Dog a whopping 100% boost in income! Meaning whatever they normally make, they'll now make 2x the income! (I would've also done so with Aurora peacock, you can see, I can't fit an ice habitat in a position where she can be in range of all 5 boosters (one of the fire boosters is going to be out of range no matter what …

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  • SunGodKizaru

    Lucky day

    December 30, 2014 by SunGodKizaru

    Hey guys, I had an awesome day today(ignoring the bad Hive support).

    Got myself the Snow Leopard, Laser Chameleon, Wizard Elephant and now the Swamp Crocodile in basicly 24h.

    Not much left, I need like 8 pets now.

    The Hippo is still trolling me though, I got an Hippo to be born, one summoning and one being summoned haha, them elusive Salmons and Flamingos.

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  • KaoNinjaratzu


    December 29, 2014 by KaoNinjaratzu

    It only took like 500 attempts and several weeks (yes, weeks...ALL of my luck went into getting that Aurora Peacock), but I FINALLY got Dark Sabertooth!

    It's mostly a big deal because she has the potential to be another pet for the same amount of time and there's no way to manipulate it so 12 hours guarantees that you got her, so it's a 12 hour coin toss (with the set up, it's possible to get Flower Frillzard as well). With her gotten, I can finally complete Quest set 3 and start focusing on the other pets I need to summon.

    Only Surfur Penguin, Swamp Crocodile, Thunderball Puffer, Matador Flamingo, Whirlwind Hawk, Dandelion Meerkat, and Universe Dragon remain. Getting closer to getting them all! (Not including Limited pets or Cafe of Secret …

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  • Saborologan

    Well I missed buying Golden Pig and Karate Dog earlier on. I'm level 20 now. Just three days ago Golden Pig returned at the top, so I bought it. I'm really hoping Karate Dog will pop up again too. If I get him, I will only need Aurora Peacock, Universe Dragon, Whirlwind Hawk, Thunderball Puffer, Laser Chameleon, Matador Flamingo, and Karate Dog. With that done, I will have every available pet in the game as it stands. Huzzah!? I suppose I shouldn't celebrate yet. Aurora and Chameleon will take forever and a decade. I dread trying for Universe Dragon. As for the others though, they should come in due time I suppose. Ah, I forgot about the Thanksgiving Turkey, but then again I don't think anyone really got it. Darn... guess I have to wait ti…

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Expansion 6 Get!

    December 26, 2014 by KaoNinjaratzu

    I finally got Expansion 6! Only took about a day longer cause I decided not to buy food since I don't have to. It filled up my XP bar about half way and I can now buy the White Tiger shrine. That's pretty much all the Expansions possible, so from now on, the only thing left to do is buy more habitats for Gold, Keep farming for new pets, and Buy Dragon Tears. I'll probably be buying that from now on since I no longer need XP and food is going to be FAR more important. If I set it up right, it should take about a day or two to get 5 million, which is perfect cause that's how long it takes to make the stuff.

    I wish I could screenshot my entire town though. Here's what my habitats look like right now:

    Not too impressive yet, but slowly being opt…

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Well, as you may have guessed from me making the Kung Fu Resort page, I FINALLY reached level 20! Merry Christmas!

    Anyway, I wanted to write a blog once I finished getting everything set up, but it'll be a short while before I get enough money to buy the 6th expansion and can start spending all the money I really want to spend. So for the time being, This blog will be short, but in about 3 days or so, I should finally have enough cash to get everything I need and move things around as I see fit. I didn't get any new boosters other than the Dark one (which is useless for me now until I get Dark Sabertooth), but I'll keep trying!

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  • Collagen

    It wasn't unlucky or hard way to return the gifts, but was took several days since the Thief Green Cat.

    Though, I need to wait for place him. :)

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Okay here's an update on my town. I'm at rank 19, which happens to be the rank where you can get a second forest and Lightning booster, as well as the highly coveted Earth booster (and the Water booster, which has it's use). Here's what my town looks like now:

    You can see here I have 2 Lightning boosters and 2 leaf boosters. My Mini Me Dragon and Karate Dog are getting a whopping 80% income boost! Almost double what they'd normally get! I had 2.5 million before I bought all this stuff in the morning and it finally finished building the boosters. Beneath the forest boosters in that one corner, I'm going to buy a Fire Habitat and place the Elf Fox there as well as some Flower Frillzards for more income.

    Anyway, that's just another update to my…

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  • Collagen

    Old Rates

    December 15, 2014 by Collagen

    Several Kung Fu Pets' Gold rates was increased/decreased after 2014 Nov 28th update!

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Rank 18! Wooo!

    December 13, 2014 by KaoNinjaratzu

    Well I've finally made it to Rank 18. At about this point (really rank 16+) hours turn to days and days turn to weeks as you have to wait about that long to get enough money to do much. It seems like the XP increase isn't too much higher per level up, but I'll definitely need to get a Universe Dragon or start setting up my town for optimal gold farming if I want to get much further. Ideally, that means a ton of Aurora Peacocks or Flower Frillzards (or a few Universe Dragons if possible).

    Courage though, Next Goal is rank 20, where I can finally find out what the Kung Fu Reseort does! (though I have a good idea of what it does. Every breeding game has some kind of "Fountain of Youth" building that makes your pets look like thier younger form…

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  • Daka1689

    I tried a four combination and i get wrong pets,can you give me a tips how to get there one but on "basic altar">?

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  • KaoNinjaratzu

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to use this space to showcase how I set up my pets to get a LOT of money really fast:

    (Hopefully you can zoom in). Notice how my Leaf and Lightning boosters are surrounded by habitats that are all filled with specific pets. (The Fire Habitat closest to the leaf booster has nothing but Forest/Fire pets). This is because the boosters affect the PET'S element, rather than the habitat (the habitat makes no difference at all). So by doing this, all five habitats surrounding my Forest booster are getting the 20% boost. This allows me to get over 1,000,000 G per DAY. The rest of the habitats are set up so when I get the other boosters, I'll be able to optimize it so that they cover as many habitats as I can. and yes, …

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  • Collagen

    They actually announced the official name of Normal attack which name was Physical attack.

    So I just replaced that in almost of Kung Fu Pet articles.

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  • Collagen

    There's noticed nothing yet in Hive and Kung Fu Pet app page but they announced those upcoming Kung Fu Pets in Official Kung Fu Pets Korean community!

    According to subject of the release, those Kung Fu Pets will have a Ice element.

    Be sure Icemine Mole the english name is translated by me. So such temporary English name is may not be official localized name in English language.

    Well, the left one is should be .

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  • Maximum Ride Nudge

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  • Maximum Ride Nudge

    Runned by Chef Si Mong, the Bistro is the building where you can order food, which is needed to raise your Kung Fu Pets' level.

    Name Food Price Cooking Time Exp earned Available at

    Pork Dumplings 5 50 Golds 30s 25 XP Tiny Bistro and upgrades

    Stir-Fry Noodles 25 250 Golds 5min 250 XP Tiny Bistro and upgrades

    Chicken Skewers 75 1,000 Golds 30min 1,000 XP Tiny Bistro and upgrades

    Grilled Fish 200 5,000 Golds 2hr 5,000 XP Medium Bistro and upgrade

    Shrimp Fried Rice 500 15,000 Golds 6hr 15,000 XP Medium Bistro and upgrade

    Lemon Chicken 1500 75,000 Golds 12hr 75,000 XP Medium Bistro and upgrade

    Elixir Parfait ? ? Golds ? ? XP Uber Bistro

    Ginseng Soup ? ? Golds ? ? XP Uber Bistro

    Dragon Tears ? ? Golds ? ? XP Uber Bistro Read more >
  • Maximum Ride Nudge
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  • Collagen

    How sweet! And my three horses(Firefrost Unicorn, Warrior Horse,and Gladiator Horse) are getting close to training lv. 16!

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  • Cadavery

    I'm a new member

    November 21, 2014 by Cadavery

    Yes, I'm new to this server! Yay...

    So yeah I've been wanting to ask alot but I don't know where to start, first, I want to know what's this blog for? I honestly have no idea what my blog could do, what it's for or how should it be properly used.

    I also don't know about the contents of this site, well... Yeah I've seen the pets and how to get 'em not all of them work at first try since... What I kept trying to get are rare ones because they're so cute ._.

    Do you get friends here? or everyone just... chats? Ohh I'm asking so much, but anyway yeah this is my first blog, and yes I'm a new member here. Nice meeting everyone in advance.. :)

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  • SseKoya

    A particular point of upgrades in the game is that you can both upgrade your existing buildings and buy the already upgraded buildings once you reach the appropriate level. Well, the Bistros and the Habitats at least.

    Yet, the cost for upgrading and the cost for buying are exactly the same. So, in order to spend less money, you will want to buy the upgraded version of your building/habitat and then sell the lower version of that building to gain back some money. Which won't do a big difference for early ones anyway because they aren't worth much.

    One of the advantages of upgrading, however, is that, for Habitats, you can upgrade while using it! Got stuck without anymore place for another habitat, but a new pet is in the nursery already? Just upgrade a…

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  • Saborologan

    Pet Assessments

    November 16, 2014 by Saborologan

    Starting off in the game, you are limited to the basic elements of earth, forest, and eventually fire. Then there are the dual elements of those therein. However, once the reigns are loosened, and your allowed to mix and match all the elements, it comes down to which pets are the best. Well, while I am still new and improving my own pets, I thought I would at least introduce some of the more useful pets in general.

    My first recommendation is the Iceberg Rhino. At level 10, he has a whopping 2300+ HP. With adequate training he deals significant damage. His downside is his revenue. Having more than one of him is unnecessary. However I would suggest hatching and placing more of him, because he is worth 20,000 experience for each placement.

    My s…

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