Cafe of Secrets
500 Gold
to buying Cafe of Secrets
from complete building
Type Special
Build Time Instant
Sell Price 250 Gold
If you want to know where all the Pets hang out, look no further than the Cafe of Secrets. Over a warm cup of tea, the Pets like to share their combat secrets and relax. Care for a drink?
Size : 3x3 Unlock at ?


The Cafe of Secrets allows you invite Facebook friends to play Kung Fu Pets. For every three friends who have been invited, downloaded, and played the game, the user is able to select one of 4 limited Pets.

Please note: You must invite Facebook friends who do not already play Kung Fu Pets!

Below are the pets currently available at the Cafe of Secrets:

Basic GuideEdit

  • 1. Go to the Shop and purchase the Cafe of Secrets.
  • 2. Enter the Cafe of Secrets.
  • 3. Connect with your Facebook account to add Facebook friends.
  • 4. Invite your Facebook friends and get special Kung Fu Pets as a reward! Please note, however, that it will only work if your friends do not/have not already played Kung Fu Pets.
  • 5. You will receive your reward only when your invited friends download Kung Fu Pets and connect with their Facebook accounts.


Before the January 22, 2015 update, players were also able to invite Hive friends to receive the Cafe of Secrets Kung Fu Pets. However, this feature has since been removed.