Hall of Fame
300,000 Gold
to buying Hall of Fame
100,000 EXP
from complete building
Type Collection
Build Time 24 hours
Sell Price N/A
A sacred place honoring the Pets who fought to bring peace to Xaiolin Town with their strength and courage. Thanks to their sacrifice, we're able to enjoy peace and freedom!
Size : 4x4 Unlock at Level 3 Expansion


The Hall of Fame is the building that has categories of pets, in groups of three. When you collect the fully evolved version of each pet in a set, you will receive 1 or 2 gems depending on the category.

Hall of Fame CategoriesEdit

Three Dummies (1 Gem):

Beauties and Beasts (1 Gem):

Fairy Tales (1 Gem):

Ouch! (1 Gem):

Xaiolin Kids (1 Gem):

Red-Haired Kung Fu Pet (1 Gem):

Mr. Hammer (1 Gem):

Choco Man (1 Gem):

Icy Kingdom (1 Gem):

Horned Kung Fu Pet (1 Gem):

Dense Forest (1 Gem):

Hot and Cold (1 Gem):

Sprinter (1 Gem):

Chess (1 Gem):

Swift Sword (2 Gem):

Air Force (2 Gem):

Pudgy and Proud (1 Gem):

Flower & the Butterfly (1 Gem):

Three Ice Warriors (2 Gem):

Three Beauties (? Gem):

Summer Beach (?Gem):

Heroes of the Sky? (? Gem):

Friends in Water (? Gem):

Slowpokes (? Gem):

Are We Gross? (? Gem:)

Naughty Friends (? Gem):

Dark Trio (50 Gem):

Legendary Kung Fu Pets (50 Gem):

Workout Mania (40 Gem):

Festival Mania (40 Gem):

Dinosaur Era (40 Gem):

Polar Regions (40 Gem):