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Name Items Price
Free Gems 3, 8, or 15 Oldgem Installing apps*
Bundle of Gems 30 Oldgem $1.99 USD
Sack of Gems 77 Oldgem $4.99 USD
Big Bag of Gems 170 Oldgem $9.99 USD
Small Chest of Gems 450 Oldgem $24.99 USD
Big Chest of Gems 1000 Oldgem $49.99 USD
Huge Pile of Gems 2300 Oldgem $99.99 USD
Trade 250,000 Gold 50 Oldgem
Bundle of Gold 75,000 Gold $0.99 USD
Sack of Gold 155,000 Gold $1.99 USD
Big Bag of Gold 430,000 Gold $4.99 USD
Small Chest of Gold 1,000,000 Gold $9.99 USD
Large Chest of Gold 3,000,000 Gold $24.99 USD
Huge Pile of Gold 6,700,000 Gold $49.99 USD
Small Snack 10,000 Food $0.99 USD
Light Appetizer 20,500 Food $1.99 USD
Hearty Meal 57,500 Food $4.99 USD
Full Course Meal 135,000 Food $9.99 USD
Extravagant Feast 430,000 Food $24.99 USD
Luxury Buffet 1,000,000 Food $49.99 USD


  • It is common for sales to occur, so more items will be recieved for the same prices
  • the Free gems from downloading Apps are not immediately available. They become available after the starter pack offer is over and after that, a few more will come every few levels.
  • Sometimes Com2Us holds promotions for diffrent games giving out a higher reward than what is obtainable in the Free Gem from downloading store. (The promotions during Christmas Paid 30 gems)