Kung Fu Resort
3,000,000 Gold
to buying Kung Fu Resort
1,000,000 EXP
from complete building
Type Pet Storage
Build Time 6 hours
Sell Price 1,000,000 Gold
Grandmaster Chen built this resort for Pets who have fulfilled their duties and fought honorably. The Kung Fu Resort has everything you need for a peaceful and relaxing stay. Pets come to soothe their tired bodies and souls in this beautiful paradise.
Size : 4x4 Unlock at Level 18


The Kung Fu Resort allows you to store your pets. You're limited to the number of rooms in the resort, but you can buy more at slowly increasing prices. You start off with 3 rooms.

Room PricesEdit

Prices start at Room 4 since you start with 3 rooms. (Note: it's unknown how many rooms there are total. More info will come soon)

Room 4: 500 Gold

Room 5: 1000 Gold

Room 6: 2000 Gold

Room 7: 3000 Gold

Room 8: 5000 Gold

Room 9: 1 Gem

Room 10: 1 Gem

Room 11: 2 Gem

Room 12: 2 Gem

Room 13: 3 Gem

Room 14: 3 Gem

Room 15: 4 Gem

Room 16: 4 Gem

Room 17: 4 Gem


  • This building allows you to maximize on your income without selling off your raised Pets. You can focus on raising high income Pets while leaving your lower income Pets in here.