Forest Lightning Fire
Laser Chameleon
to buy in the Shop
250,000 EXP
by hatching pet
Kung Fu Skill (?)
Laser Blade
Green Dragon
Unlock at lv. 8 Unlock at lv. 8
Unlock at lv. 10 Unlock at lv. 15
Element in Battle Gold Rates & Habitats
Strong against:

Weak against:
80 Gold / min at lv. 10
Forest, Lightning, Fire
Equipped with a laser blade, the Laser Chameleon uses his high-tech weapon not only to fight his enemies, but also to light up dark rooms! How practical!
Summoning Time Sell Price
1 day 11 hours 250,000 Gold
Summonable Available

Evolution ProcessEdit

LaserChameleonKFBall LaserChameleonBaby LaserChameleonJuvenile LaserChameleonAdult
Kung Fu Ball
(Place on the Nursery)
(Lv. 1~7)
(Lv. 8~14)
(Lv. 15~)


The summoning pair of Kung Fu Pets must include a Kung Fu Pet with Forest as major element, Lightning, and Fire element. The below combinations are recommended to get Laser Chameleon (Kung Fu Pets can be used in either order):

Click [Expand] for more general combinations:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

  • Laser Chameleon ForestLightningFire + Anything else

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet General Combos:

You can no longer buy him in the shop. You MUST summon him if you want one.

Gold RatesEdit

lv. 1 lv. 2 lv. 3 lv. 4 lv. 5 lv. 6 lv. 7 lv. 8 lv. 9 lv. 10
12/min 20/min 27/min 35/min 42/min 50/min 57/min 65/min 72/min 80/min
lv. 11 lv. 12 lv. 13 lv. 14 lv. 15 lv. 16 lv. 17 lv. 18 lv. 19 lv. 20
87/min 95/min 102/min 110/min 117/min 124/min 132/min 139/min 147/min 154/min
lv. 21 lv. 22 lv. 23 lv. 24 lv. 25 lv. 26 lv. 27 lv. 28 lv. 29 lv. 30
#/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min #/min

These are gold rates without boosted value by Boosters.

Collection Reward Edit

Gold Gem
25,000 Gold 37 Gem

Master Points Edit

Lvl 1 10 15 20
MP 15 150 225 300

These are Master Points for basic levels. Every Kung Fu Pet has his/her own MP, so you can compare them for increasing your MP's.


  • First place
    • May the Qi be with you!
  • Summon Quest complete:
    • I've seen a lot of Kung Fu Pets in my day, but you don't see someone like the Laser Chameleon everyday, He wields a most curious looking sword...
  • Level 8 Quest complete:
    • You want to know more about the Laser Chameleon's origins? Well, I guess I could tell you, but you've got to keep it a secret! The truth is, the Laser Chameleon's ancestors were celestial beings! I've said too much.
  • Level 20 Quest complete:
    • Great to see that the Laser Chameleon has reached Level 20! His laser blade seems to shine much brighter! No? Oh well, maybe it's just me...

Possible ReferencesEdit

  • His design appears to based on the character Yoda.


  • He was available for purchase in the Shop for 1,000 Oldgem before the Dec. 23rd Update.
  • The Laser Chameleon is the first Kung Fu Pet that all skill elementary are phase 3. The Wushu Mandrill is the second.