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Type Nursery
Build Time Instant
Sell Price N/A
The Nursery is the place to incubate your Kung Fu Balls and hatch a Kung Fu Pet! Make sure to train and feed your new Kung Fu Pet and they will grow from adorable babies to Kung Fu Masters!
Size : 4x4 Unlock at Tutorial


The Nursery is where you incubate the Kung Fu Ball acquired by purchasing or summoning from an Altar.

How to useEdit


Once you have summoned a pet from the summoning Altar, clicking on the Altar will send the Kung Fu Ball to the Nursery. This process can also be done through the pet shop menu, in which the Kung Fu Ball will be sent directly to the Nursery instead of the summoning Altar. Once an Kung Fu Ball is in the Nursery you can either wait for the timer to end (the timer is the same amount of time it took the pet to be summoned), or spend gems to speed up the hatching process. After the timer ends, you can select which Kung Fu Ball to hatch, in which you will be prompted to place or sell the pet.


Each upgrade increases the number of Kung Fu Balls the Nursery can hold. The max is 4.

Level 2:

  • Description: Can now hold 2 Kung Fu Balls.
  • Price: 5000 Gold

Level 3:

  • Description: Can now hold 3 Kung Fu Balls.
  • Price: 2250 Gem

Level 4:

  • Description: Can now hold 4 Kung Fu Balls.
  • Price: 4500 Gem


  • The number of gems you need to spend is now based on the number of minutes remaining times a multiplier based on the rarity of the pet. Exact figures are unknown at the moment.
  • You DO get experience points for selling a Pet straight from the Nursery. You also get an achievement for doing so (the fastest way to get this achievement is to breed multiple Forest Lizards and keep selling the Kung Fu Balls).