Air Ice
Odette Swan
18,000 Gem
to buy in the Shop
92,000 EXP
by hatching pet
Kung Fu Skill (?)
Arabesque Kick
Thick Fog
Unlock at lv. 7 Unlock at lv. 7
Ice Spikes
Unlock at lv. 9 Unlock at lv. 15
Element in Battle Gold Rates & Habitats
Strong against:

Weak against:
55 Gold / min at lv. 10
Air, Ice
The ballerina Swan moved to Xiaolin after her boyfriend dumped her for the evil black swan. Now she aspires to combine her ballerina skills with Kung Fu to take revenge.
Summoning Time Sell Price
1 day 92,000 Gold
Summonable Available

Evolution ProcessEdit

OdetteSwanKFBall OdetteSwanBaby OdetteSwanJuvenile OdetteSwanAdult
Kung Fu Ball
(Place on the Nursery)
(Lv. 1~6)
(Lv. 7~11)
(Lv. 12~)


The summoning pair of Kung Fu Pets must include a Kung Fu Pet with Air as major element, and Ice element. The below combinations are recommended to get Odette Swan (Kung Fu Pets can be used in either order):

Click [Expand] for more general combinations:

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet Combos:

  • Arctic Tern AirIce + Anything else
  • Odette Swan AirIce + Anything else

Non-Limited Kung Fu Pet General Combos:

or you can buy her for 18,000 Gem in the Shop.

Gold RatesEdit

lv. 1 lv. 2 lv. 3 lv. 4 lv. 5 lv. 6 lv. 7 lv. 8 lv. 9 lv. 10
9/min 14/min 19/min 24/min 29/min 34/min 39/min 44/min 49/min 55/min
lv. 11 lv. 12 lv. 13 lv. 14 lv. 15 lv. 16 lv. 17 lv. 18 lv. 19 lv. 20
60/min 65/min 70/min 75/min 80/min 85/min 90/min 95/min 101/min 106/min
lv. 21 lv. 22 lv. 23 lv. 24 lv. 25 lv. 26 lv. 27 lv. 28 lv. 29 lv. 30
111/min 116/min 121/min 126/min 131/min 136/min 142/min 147/min 152/min 157/min

These are gold rates without boosted value by Boosters.

Collection Reward Edit

Gold Gem
25,000 Gold 25 Gem

Max Soul Dust given Edit

BraveryDust 0-0
KnowledgeDust 0-0
UnityDust 0-0
The Dust amount should be the max dust range that a pet gives at Level 20, Max Training.

Master Points Edit

Lvl 1 10 15 20 25 30
MP 11 110 165 220 275 330


  • First place
    • Where am I? I threw myself into the lake after my jerk boyfriend dumped me...
  • Evolution Quote
    • You need to be strong to build up your stamina if you want to become a great ballerina. There's still a long way to go!