• As of September 5th 2019, they have officially announced that the game Kung Fu Pets will no longer be playable after the October 7th 2019.

    The notification itself seems is published only in the Korean community hosted in Naver Cafe as I couldn't find same notification from their Facebook pages of both languages (Korean and English).

    According to the notification itself, they will disable in-app purchase as well as will take down the game from downloading in Sep 6th 2019, which simply is a day from now.

    From October 10th 2019 to November 10th 2019, the users may request the company to refund the paid currency(Gem) they had purchased with real money. However, they have stated that the following cases will not be dealt:

    • The currency rewarded from Event, Push notification reward, or anything rewarded for free during the in-game play
    • Items purchased with the paid currency
    • Those refund requests sent after the deadline

    Once the game itself is defunct, the Korean community will eventually be taken down too at the same time. It is unknown whether the Facebook pages will also be closed, but it will very unlikely happen to be kept.

    Also, they have left a link to HIVE for those wondering about the notification, which they suggest them to go "Customer Service" → "Contact us" to ask a question.

    Finally, thanks for the game developer to provide us worthy experiences with your game, and we will never forget your game.

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