• Sometimes you will have a stroke of genius, and the perfect name will -pop- into your head. Other times, you need a bit of help. This thread should be a place to share, get tips, and brag about awesome names for your pets.

    Dark Sabretooth: Nyx (Greek goddess of the night)

    Fruit Boar: Pumba

    Electric Lion: Simba or Daniel (Bible character, thrown to lions)

    Rose Fox: Dawna (based of the dawn, with an "a" on the end to make it feminine)

    Candle Weasel: Wick

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    • Some stuff from the top of my head, but mostly from the previous thread XD

      Greedy Dragon: Smaug/Angelus/Charizard/ Examon

      Universe Dragon: Kohryu/ TheAdministrator

      Magma Bear: Baloo

      Gladiator Horse: Kratos/Gladreon/Leonidas

      Electric Lion: Zeus/Simba

      Dandelion Meerkat: Dandy/ Timon

      Frillizard: Alraune

      Firework Raccoon: Rocket/Tanuki

      Wizard Elephant: Merlin/Dumbo/Dumbledore

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    • I named my Firefrost Unicorn Stinky. I was raised on a farm. Of all the animals we had, I dreaded dealing with the horse stalls the most...   I named my Shopaholic Kitty Tavi. I have always been fond of the name Octavia, Tavi, and Tia. I swear my firstborn daughter will be named Octavia. I named my Mini-Me Dragon Cheese. First comes Stinky, followed by Cheese, and lastly Tavi. I wanted a running gag for names, but it's kinda hard to come up with something for my main team. I guess I could do something like Stinky(Firefrost Unicorn), Cheese(Mini-me Dragon), Louise(Shopaholic Kitty). The first half being obvious, the second half being a word play of geez Louise(an archaic exclamation of frustration).

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    • I named most of the female pets after characters I created myself because they kind of resemble them, but some of the names I made up are:

      Ice Wolf = Sub-Zero

      Wizard Elephant = Big Top

      Tundra Reindeer = Agustus (He looks like the type)

      Bamboo Panda = Po (thanks Kung Fu Panda)

      Greedy Dragon = Iblis

      Boatman Salmon = James (this may sound silly, but it's based heavily on AVGN's "Board James" series. I keep wanting to call my Boatman Salmon, "Boatman James")

      Water Dolphin = Neptune

      Star Tree Buffalo = Maximillion (I'm keeping him a Juvenile)

      Lightning Hedgehog = Raimoundo (he reminds me of Rai from Xaiolin Showdown)

      Gladiator Horse = Cliff

      Quake Gorilla = Earthlink

      Karate Dog = Flint

      Laser Chameleon = Eyeball (cause of that eye thing he does)

      Electric Lion = Zeus

      Wild Wolf = Boskov (he reminds me of a Russian Soldier in his Juve form)

      Cranberry Rabbit = Cranberry (I didn't like the original name it gave her)

      Clam Otter = Ollie (just fits....)

      Dark Sabertooth = Shadina (the only truly original name I came up with)

      and Knife Hamster = Ghengis (cause he looks like Ghengis Kahn)

      As for my females:

      Shopaholic Kitty = Amoura

      Leaf Deer = Pheona

      Flower Frillzard = Psylence

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    • I just got the Assassin Turtle, which I name Leonardo, because, well...he's a ninja turtle.

      Some of my other names:

      Swamp Croc- Dundee (he's Crocodile Dundee!)

      Witch Elephant: Elphaba (the evil witch of the west from Oz). Also thought about Wanda or Minerva (Harry Potter)

      Hippo: Kona (because she's Hawaiian and I like Kona blend coffee :P )

      Chameleon: Yoda

      Wild Wolf: Big Bad (He's the Big Bad Wolf!)

      Magma Bear: Magnus

      Gladiator Horse: Sparta

      Swan: Princess

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    • I have all my kungfu pets' names in chinese. Hahaha!!! It's really quite funny if you understand them.

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    • I found out the candle weasel name by myself before viewing this! O_O

      So anyways I did managed to name some of them really cool names.

      Wild wolf: Jsic(Or Jasonsic)

      Leaf Deer: Shinjya

      Fire Cat: Fiani

      Cheerleader Canary: Amy(Because her dress reminds me of Amy's dress from Sonic the Hedgehog)

      Bamboo Panda: Piccolo

      Earth Buffalo: Disco

      Ice Wolf: Snees

      I didn't get these kung fu pets yet but I'll name them these.

      Karate Dog: Sparky(It totes obviously a dog's name! And he has a lightning element too!)

      Cranberry Rabbit: Cafiana

      Odette Swan: Olivia

      Blaze Tamarin: Tamachi or Tammy

      Gladiator Horse: Thunderous(Not sure if it fits)

      Wizard Elephant: Harry(YOU'RE A WIZARD HARRY)

      Magma Bear: Fred-Kun

      Universe Dragon: SpaceDude(Because why not)

      I can see that there are other good names for the Fireworks Raccoon, but I'd prefer to name him Ricky.

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    • Single Elements:

      WaterBBC Dolphin: Agua

      Fire Cat: Mallory (Ehy not..)

      Lightning Hedgehog: Bolt, because I'm bad at this..

      Dark Sabretooth: Eithne

      Earth Buffalo: Cliff

      Universe Dragon: Comet-Yu

      Forest Lizard: Trenton

      Ice Wolf: Glace

      Air Eagle: Flit


      Candle Meerkat: Ignis (Woo, name meanings that go comepletely along with the character!)

      Shopaholic Kitty: Ruby.

      Fruit Boar: Vine

      Surfer Oenguin: Waddles Surf

      Greedy Dragon: Robin

      Cranberry Rabbit: Berry (Because it goes along with the animal and the fruit..)

      Black Pearl Cat: Pearl (Why am i bad at this?)

      Snowflake Myna: Mia

      Cheer Canary: Spirit

      (Now I'm just picking randoms)

      Aurora Peacock: Solstice or Aria

      Ice Mine Mole: Sammy

      Ice blade Shark (In think thats it?): Sharpy

      Frost Unicorn: Icey

      Odette Swan: Grace

      Magma Bear: Flame-burst

      Gladiator Horse: Light

      Wilf Wolf: Glade

      Hippo: Lola

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    • I love to put them nicknames. Every time I do, even the most simple-minded of them all, it becomes a bit special.

      Electric Lion: Basaltar

      Cranberry Rabbit: Kinesa

      Firefrost Unicorn: Gintonik

      Roaring Lion: Moar-Moai

      Fire Cat: Jennifer

      Magma Bear: Grosezno

      Thunder Toad: Groakin Soap

      Static Sheep: Mikrosheep

      Forest Lizard: Lazardo

      CheerLeader Canary: Chirp-Leia

      Torch Chicken: Sarten Azzo

      Aloha Hippo: Orphelia

      Paladin Equus: Oriund Prime

      Surfer Penguin: Penko McFly

      Cola Bear: Meltior

      Sushi Salmon: Anisakis

      Thunderball Puffer: Navelderbelt

      Clover Sable: Wendy Booze

      Firework Raccoon: Ash-Chuum

      Wushu Mandrill: Mandingo

      Knife Hamster: Gangstar

      Wizard Elephant: Bimbo Kao

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    • wrote: Wizard Elephant: Bimbo Kao

      Careful, some users might find that name offensive :P

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    • My Kung Fu Pets names:

      1 element:

      Forest Lizard: Bartosz

      Earth Buffalo: Niki

      Fire Cat: Hanna

      Ice Wolf: Tiago

      Lightning Hedgehog: Mancini

      Water Dolphin: Kasper

      Dark Sabertooth: Vasylyna

      Air Eagle: Olof

      2 elements:

      Leaf Deer: Sofie

      Fruit Boar: Schumacher

      Rock Boar: Diogo

      Rose Fox: Silje

      Cranberry Rabbit: Marit

      Wild Wolf: Rosberg

      Flower Frillzard: Matilda

      Tundra Reindeer: Jordi

      Bamboo Panda: Eirik

      Clam Otter: Magnussen

      Swamp Crocodile: Marius

      Dandelion Meerkat: Prokop

      Spring Butterfly: Ruxandra

      Candle Weasel: Andreas

      Prim Triceratops: Conradine

      Magma Bear: Alonso

      Firework Raccoon: Adolf

      Torch Chicken: Berger

      Dracula Bat: Wojciech

      Blaze Tamarin: Bogdan

      Quake Gorilla: Rüdiger

      Antenna Giraffe: Radosław

      Moon Knight Wolf: Håvard

      Static Sheep: Montoya

      Storm Monkey: Martinez

      Surfer Penguin: Josip

      Spark Buffalo: Ramon

      Thunderball Puffer: Lothar

      Baby Seal: Friedemann

      Ice Blade Shark: Laurens

      Igloo Penguin: Otto

      Whirlwind Hawk: Bertrand

      Cheerleader Canary: Marlene

      Iceberg Rhino: Sergio

      Icicle Snowpard: Ilka

      Ice Mine Mole: Joachim

      Firefrost Unicorn: Jelle

      Boatman Salmon: Konstantin

      Aloha Hippo: Gertrude

      Frankenstein Teddy Bear: Juha

      Pirate Crew Pelican: Stojan

      Rookie Seal: Ludwig

      Knife Hamster: Tallak

      Pebble Golem: Toto

      Smithy Minotaur: Torger

      Maple Salamander: Roberto

      Electric Lion: Piotr

      Hallowitch Fox: Sabine

      Jack O'Lantern Frillzard: Mette

      Bouquet Giraffe: Damien

      Snowflake Myna: Claire

      Candy Myna: Mielikki

      Snowstorm Yeti: Dmitry

      Fury Tyrannosaurus: Apostolos

      Black Pearl Cat: Theresa

      Slayer Lycan: Joona

      Sailor Pelican: Jesper

      Librarian Maltese: Magne

      Wizard Elephant: Andrey

      Artist Kitsune: Vivienne

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    • Forest lizard = Zach earth buffalo = mario leaf deer = Stephanie fire cat = Noelle rose Fox = tiffany candle weasel = Matt ice wolf = Michael(it's also my brothers name)

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    • I usually get the names on , and I usually name it with the first letter of it's species name like Baeddan (boar) for my Fruit Boar, Octavia (eight) for my Bubble Octopus, Trey (three) for my Stubborn Triceratops,...

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